Mission Statement

Established in 2015, B&M Technologies was set up to design and create the next-generation of online collaborative platforms. We are currently working on Project RootFinder, a platform aimed at solving the communication issues faced by those who want to help solve the world’s problems. Currently in a pre-alpha phase, please check back for future updates.

Planet Earth
Planet Earth


B&M technologies is globally focused. Our solutions will be designed to enable anyone to effectively collaborate, no matter the scope of their problem.

Wind Turbine


B&M is hoping to create self-sustaining online platforms in the style of Wikipedia and other crowd sourced solutions. This will ensure their long term survival and continued efficacy as they adapt to suit the needs of their global community user-base.



By building this platform, B&M technologies plan to be at the forefront of change by providing the space for people to develop effective solutions to the world’s leading problems, whether that be food shortage or global drought.

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B&M is dedicated to working with industry to ensure that a wide spectrum of expertise is engaged. Our team incorporates people with a variety of backgrounds, ranging from project management to data scientists. We plan to engage industry to ensure our solutions will work in the real world.

Full Website Coming Soon

We are busy at work getting our full website ready, please check back with us soon!

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